Our careful selection of clothing has made us the spot for designer resale for years. We won’t reveal ALL our secrets, but in this blog post, we’re sharing cleaning and organizing tips from the women who make luxury happen here every day:

the Duet staff & consignors!

From Your Duet Staff:

“I never get rid of a bag unless I sell one first. If I find something I love, I look through my closet and see what doesn’t work anymore so I can replace it with something that does.”

– Lynn

“My classic flap is my absolute favorite bag… I carry a glasses cleaner cloth to polish it and I store it upright when I’m not using it (which is never… can you blame me?).”

– Nicole

“What makes me want to consign? If I don’t love it anymore. I like change, so if I don’t love it, I’m done with it.”

– Marybeth

“I use small paper shopping bags to stuff larger bags. They’re usually sturdy enough to keep the shape just right… My favorite one is actually an old white Duet bag!”

– Rebecca

Joanna’s favorite bag care items: leather cleaners and a Bag-a-Vie pillow.

“I always use Leather CPR for bags we get if they have a spot. If they’re coated canvas, alcohol wipes or Baby Wipes usually get gunk off right away!”

From Our Consignors:

“I rotate my bags depending on my outfit. Some people wear the same bag every day and obviously, they get worn out! By rotating, I never really wear one more than the other.” – R., Livingston, NJ.

“I stuff all my bags and store them upright, not laying down, if possible. I don’t use newspaper because I’m afraid that the print would stain the inside of the bag… I just use tissue paper.”

– K., Montclair, NJ

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