Authenticity & Pricing

We wrote the book on authenticity.



Duet’s commitment to selling 100% authentic merchandise is grounded in:

  • Continuous Study

  • Expert Consensus

  • A series of multi-point checklists.

Some of the things we look at:

  • Quality of materials, hardware, stitching, etc.

  • Brand stamping (interior, exterior, and blind stamps)

  • Proper logos, holograms, serial numbers, date codes, etc.

  • Overall consistency of these points as they apply to each individual brand.

Pricing Varies.



Duet works hard to figure out the best price for your goods.  Factors in pricing include:

  • Demand- Highly demanded items yield higher profits and sales.  The more popular your item is, the more you benefit.

    • Example:  Chanel Classic Flap bags sell quick!  As do Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags.  These are always in high demand, and will wield higher commission for you.

  • Condition- 

    • Pristine: New, Never Worn, No damage, no signs of wear at all.

    • Excellent: Minimal signs of wear, no damage, well taken care of.

    • Very Good: Signs of wear, Minor Imperfections.

    • As-Is: Noticeable Imperfections.  Not typically something we carry, but there are occasionally exceptions.

    • Items we don’t take: Anything with rips, tears, stains, discoloration, etc.

  • Availability- This goes somewhat with ‘demand’ in that if something is sold out everywhere, and greatly lusted after, you’ll get more.  This can work the opposite way as well, if boots were just on sale elsewhere at a discounted price, the price we can sell the item for goes down considerably.