Duet FAQ’s

Questions for Consigners

What items do you take?

We take women’s high-end Handbags, Fine Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories and Clothing.

We specialize in luxury fashion designers.  Check out the Designers We Love.

When my item sells, when do I get paid?

Whenever you want!  

✸ Want money now?  Call and we’ll have a check ready for you the same day.

✸ Otherwise, checks are automatically mailed at the end of each month.

How many items can I bring in?

As many as you like!  There is no limit to how much we can sell for you.

When can I bring my items in?

During our business hours with no appointment needed. Monday-Friday 10am – 5:45pm, Saturday 10am – 4:45pm

Is it better for me to sell on social media myself?

Working with Duet is the Luxury Selling Experience– 

We receive your items, and when they sell- you get paid.  

✸ We handle everything making it easier for you!

No photographing, no fixing, no having to prove authenticity, no slaving over keeping track of people saying ‘interested!’ and not showing, no packaging items, no running to the post office…. etc….

Is it better for me to sell through one of the ‘big’ luxury fashion websites?

Working with Duet is working with people–

✸  Phone Calls:

At Duet- We answer the phone and you talk to a person right away. 

✸  Turnaround Time: 

At Duet- Your items are authenticated, priced, photographed and on the floor within 2-3 days.  (Often Sooner!)


At Duet- Get paid right away!  We can cut you a check as soon as your item sells.


At Duet- Your item sells, you get paid with no fear of charge-backs.  

How long before my item shows up on the website/floor?

Typically when we receive an item it takes about 2-3 days to show up on the website and on the floor (if not sooner!).  

✸ Step 1: Authentication and Pricing

✸ Step 2: Your item is professionally photographed for our website.

✸ Step 3: The item is showcased in our store and ready for its new home!

 Do you take clothing?

Yes! When bringing clothing to sell, make sure clothing is cleaned, pressed, and on hangers.

Clothing is not being featured on our website, but we have quite an amazing collection in our store with new pieces being added daily!  

How much will I get for my item?

Typically, it is a 50/50 split, with exceptions for higher end items.  Each Duet experience is customized for you and your needs! We make sure you know what to expect before your item hits the floor.

What if my item needs a repair?

The great thing about working with Duet is that we handle it for you.  No needing to rush about to one place or another to fix up your items. We take care of it!  Any needed care for your item is discussed.

How do I know what you priced my items at?

Any item you bring (with the exception of clothing) is posted on our website with its retail price and what we’re selling it for.  That price will be the same price we discuss prior.

Will my items go on sale?

At the end of the season, we do tend to mark down items that lingered on the floor, but make sure it’s alright with you first.

How long do items take to sell?

Depending on demand, most items sell within the first 2 weeks of hitting the floor.  We have a very anxious customer base that stalk our ‘Just In’ section of the website daily (sometimes hourly!) and when their perfect item hits, the phone is ringing and someone is flying through the door.

How when I know when it sold?

Once an item sells, we move it to the ‘Just Missed’ section of our website.  If you have items on the site, we encourage you to keep an eye on the page! We are also here to answer your call and can inform you of updates to your account.

What if I change my mind?

No problem!  Your item is yours until it’s sold.  Just let us know and we’ll take it off the floor and website and have it here for you to pick up.  No extra charges.

What happens if someone returns my item?

At Duet, all sales are final- so no need to worry about ‘chargebacks.’  We never take payment given to a customer back.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

If your item doesn’t sell, we leave what happens up to you.  We either remove your items from the floor and return them to you, or we donate to the Montclair Hospice Thrift Shop on your behalf.  Your items will still have purpose and nothing gets thrown away.

Questions for Buyers

How do you authenticate items?  How do I know what I’m getting is real?

Check out our page detailing our authentication process–  We are experts!

Are prices negotiable?

Our prices are not up for negotiation.  We take great care in coming up with the most reasonable price for our items.  

How do I know that you’re giving me the best price?

We dedicate ourselves to the process- our in-house experts research items, verify current retail prices, assess the condition, and determine market value. 

Can I buy items over the phone for shipping?

Unfortunately we do not offer that at this time.  We want our buyers and sellers to have the best Duet experience.  We love when customers come see, feel, and try the items before they bring them home.