Duet Social Distancing Guidelines

  • Only 3 customers allowed in the store at one time-
    • After a customer is allowed in the store, the doors will be locked to ensure safety.  We will unlock the door to let customers in and out of the store.
    • Unfortunately, due to this rule, we ask that customers keep their children at home during this time to ensure social distancing guidelines are enforced.
    • We are welcoming customers to call ahead to check if the store has reached its capacity before stopping by.
    • We are encouraging reserving the hours of 10am – 11am for customers that consider themselves high-risk.  
  • Face Masks must be worn at all times-
    • Customers and employees alike will be required to wear a face-covering to enter the store.
    • Face masks are also required to be worn while in the fitting room.  Fitting rooms and unpurchased items will be sanitized after each customer.

  • Surfaces will be wiped down after every customer, and hand sanitizing stations will be positioned throughout the store.
    • We encourage customers to sanitize their hands every so often while browsing.
    • We also will have fresh gloves available for those that would like to use them.


  • Employees and Customers must keep 6 feet apart at all times.
    • This includes while bringing in consignment items, trying on jewelry, and paying for items.  We will have 6 feet markers at the cash register and consignment table.
    • Payments- The employee will ring up the customer, step back.  The customer will place their payment on the counter, step back, and then the employee will finalize the transaction, and back up so the customer may take their items.
    • Consignments- Customers place their items on the cart provided.  We will continue to do consignments the same we did during curbside- items will be evaluated after 24h and we will call you with prices.
  • For customers that are not yet comfortable with entering the store, curbside drop-off and pick-up will still be available.
    • We also offer shipping for items, and contactless PayPal payments.  

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