About Duet

Duet is a women’s high-end fashion consignment store in Livingston, NJ.  

Owner Lynn Meisler opened the store in 1995 and it has been evolving with updated fashion standards ever since!

  • Duet has a thoughtfully edited, tempting selection of handbags, fine jewelry, shoes, accessories, and clothing from the world’s most luxurious brands.
  • We have an A+ staff with an expert-level knowledge of high-end designers, current fashion trends, and most everything in between.
  • We have custom-tailored, full-service customer assistance, 6 days a week.
  • Confidence in our inventory, thanks to our multi-step authentication process.

Meet the Staff

Lynn Meisler

Lynn Meisler

Founder | CEO

Favorite designer?
Hermès. Their things really are heirloom-y– everything Hermès makes, to me, is something timeless.
And, ya know, there are people who find Hermès bags boring, who call them “old lady bags.” They just don’t like them. Well, I find them to be thrilling.
It’s almost inexplicable what an Hermès bag can do to somebody’s look. If it’s the right one on the right person, they’ll look better with the bag than without it.

First designer purchase?
It was my Louis Vuitton Noé [drawstring] bag that we got [at Duet] when we first opened.
It was a big, canvas monogram one, beat and torn and scratched up, and I loved it, but when I first saw it I thought, “I’m not fancy enough to wear a Louis bag like that.”
Then a friend told me it looked like I bought in a Paris flea market and beat it up traveling all through Europe. That was it. Sold. I loved that bag. I’ve had many Louis’ since then, but that was my favorite.

If you had to write a tagline for your personal style, it would be:
It would have to be something a customer called me once… “a hippie with a Birkin.” And I don’t mean “hipster” like a Brooklyn one. Sure, I wanna look great, but I’m older, I’m a different kind of “cool.” I wanna be comfortable– Mar[ybeth] taught me that, and it literally changed everything.

Favorite vacation destination?
Morocco– it’s my home away from home.

Go-to drink?
Coffee– it’s the only thing I’m a snob about. Well, that, and customer service.




Lead Authenticator | Operations

Favorite designer?
Louis Vuitton, because I just love the way the clothes are made.

Most precious piece of jewelry?
My South Sea pearl necklace that I got for my fortieth birthday. My pink ones came first.

Earliest fashion memory?
I would make my mother crazy when I was little, I always changed my clothing around– I would cut the sleeves off of a shirt, I’d make shorts out of long pants; I would just redesign them however I could whenever I felt like a change.

Gel or polish?

Fall fashion or Spring fashion?
Fall fashion definitely… I like the fabrics better, I love the textures.



Sales Associate | Bag Model

Favorite designer?
Louis Vuitton is one of my all time favorites, along with Chanel.  Chanel has bags that are unique, yet timeless classics that still work with current fashion.  Love them!

Gel or Polish?
Neither, usually.  But with 2 kids, I get gels if I have to.

First Designer Item?
A Louis Vuitton bag.  It was a gift from my husband the first Christmas after my daughter was born.

Favorite Vacation Destination?
It’s aspirational, so my dream vacation would be Hawaii.



Product Photographer | Social Media Manager

Favorite designer?
I’m a sucker for anything with skulls on it- so Alexander McQueen is amazing to me.  Balenciaga comes in at a close 2nd.

Gel or Polish?
No-light gel.  The essie® Gel Couture collection is the best thing ever.

Favorite vacation destination?
Disney for sure!  I’ve been there over thirty times and I love it each and every time.  Now that I have kids to bring there to enjoy it, it’s even better!

Most precious piece of jewelry?
My Tiffany & Co. Picasso X Necklace.

Favorite movie for fashion inspo?
My favorite fashion movie is The Devil Wears Prada for sure- I knew nothing about fashion when I started photographing here.  I felt a connection to the main character as I learned more about the designers and found a sense of style.

Staci Elster Graduate

Staci Elster Graduate

Gemologist | In-house Jewelry Appraiser

Staci Elster, GG, has been appraising jewelry for Duet since 2003. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America, Staci was recruited by the GIA itself as an in-house diamond grader. In addition to her role at Duet, Staci is VP of visual merchandising for one of the largest and most prestigious estate jewelry companies in the world. She’s worked in Basel, Hong Kong, Vicenza and all across the U.S.